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Client Testimonials

Hello George,

Thanks again for a great fishing experience on Saturday.  We had a great
time and really appreciated your advice and help.  I have enclosed photos
from today.  We fished where you suggested, using the rigs you recommended
and once again proved the adage that 10 percent of the fishermen catch
(well, at least hook 'em when it comes to steelheads!!!) 90 percent of the
fish.  Some photos are included.  Please let me know if you cannot open

We fished from about 6:45 to 11:30 this morning.  I hooked 7 and landed
three, PJ had a more difficult day, hooking 7, but only landed one.
However, he got beat up by two very large steelheads, who both decided to
head toward Lake Ontario when he hooked them!!! Our day was by far the best
day at the parking lot.  Thanks again for the tip on where to fly fish.
(Actually not really sure that the "chuck and duck" techniques we were
using, especially with your weight system, would make into Fly Fisherman
click magazine, but we did catch steelheads!!!)

I think PJ and I graduated from George O'Brien's Steelhead High School after
this weekend!!!!  Looking forward to "graduate work" in January or February
and "Post Doc" work in April.

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving and wonderful holidays, especially
with the new grandbaby!!

Jeb and PJ.


 A once in a life-time event=A double Rainbow!!

What a wonderful day on the river.  Thanks for a terrific trip.  Lisa 
and I both had days to remember.  Thanks again for being such an 
excellent guide.  Here are a few photos of the day.  It may take more 
than one email..

Ben and Lisa


I love your reports!  It's great to get outdoors and be part of God's great creation,  whether the fish are biting or not.
I thought I'd share this with you cause your name came up at the dinner table last night.
My son and I will never forget you and talk about you often.  Five years ago, we were fishing above you in the DSR when my son, 14 at the time, landed his first steelhead.  Then he released it.  You came up and shook his hand and said great job.  That fish and you made his day.  You pulled me to the side and said that we should get fly rods and give them a try for salmon and steelhead.  Well...I took your advice and now my spinning gear is covered with dust. 
You never know when you're going to change another's life.
Thanks for all that you do,
Keith Dye


HM(George) -- most of the time it's best to be humble.  But today requires extra special acknowledgements and sense of pride.  Your approach and abilities in sharing your knowledge of fishing and life were very evident today.  You are commended, and will be forever remembered, for this special day.  And, yes, I am proud of my son.  Once a rebel, he is now coming around to appreciate nature and the people that love nature.
Thank you for being a role model of his maturation.
It was very nice to talk to Caitlin today.  She is silently, yet clearly, thankful for what you do for her.  And, she ties a very nice fly.


George, I wanted to thank you and Steve for a great job on the river. The boys are still going nuts over this trip. During our trip  Wednesday afternoon was just spectacular, Thursdays was great and you know the rest. We have re-lived the trip thru the pictures a 100 times and can't wait until our next trip. Congrats on your granddaughter, she is beautiful. As for next year,  We are booked for Sept 10 , 11, 12, should I ask Connie to get on a wait list for a later date? or just take those dates? Please ask Steve to send us his pictures when he can. Have a great season.
Thanks again
Tom Fischer



I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and advice last Friday. To refresh your memory, I was the tender-foot out there with no chance of catching anything until you pulled me aside, gave me some advice, reworked my rig, and showed me the technique. I must say, after taking probably 500 casts that day with no hook-ups, and then watching you get a fish on in one cast with my rod, was one of the most amazing things I have seen, and I've told the story about a dozen times since.

About a half hour after you left, I landed my first King. The next day, I hooked into some other nice Kings up in the upper-fly section and, well, I guess I'm hooked.

Thank you again. I will certainly recommend your guide services to anyone interested in fishing the Salmon River.


David B Weden, CFA
Mellon Financial


I wanted to thank you for helping to make my first experience on the
Salmon River, a great one!  You went above and beyond the call of duty,
by loaning me gear and making sure I had the right fiy, etc. I expected
a couple of pointers here and there but thanks to you and of course our
mutual friend, Doc. Al Covitz, I had a great time and felt right at
home with your party of fishermen!  I didn't even mind getting my chops
busted!  If I ever decide to fish in that area again, without the
company of Al Covitz; I'll look you up and maybe you'll be able to
recommend a great fishing guide!
Just kidding, your the man!!!!

Thanks again,
Kevin MacConnell

Hey, George. Thanks for another great, unforgettable day on Saturday. It was a thrill hooking Coho for the first time. And the brown was spectacular. I guess old habits die hard but I really appreciate your gentle counseling and coaching on technique! I really noticed a difference.
I'm checking calendars and will get you some dates for a winter float and Spring Steelhead just as soon as I can.
Hope the rest of your Fall goes well!
Thanks for taking my call while "on the job" yesterday morning and allowing me to join you and your group at the Clay hole.  On the way home I got to thinking about what a nice group
had assembled at that spot that day:
The 2 docs, Mike and his son David, Steve and his client's Tom and Kelsey, me and lastly you!  I suspect that you are probably responsible for having developed that find cadre of individuals who respect the river and those that they are fishing alongside.  I know that's the case for me and Mike.
Just another testament to your skills and abilities as a teacher (GOSAF) as well as your personal ethos.  Hope to see you again soon on the river -- I'll be up on Monday.
Now just what out for that primordial muck as you truck on down to fish over the next couple of days!


Hello George,

Let me first say that Brian and I had an amazing time fishing with you on Saturday. The boat ride, the holes we fished, the teaching, the conversation and stories, and of course the fish added up to one of my favorite days in nearly 20 years of visits to the Salmon river.  We�ll definitely come fishing with you again sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Regards, Mike Rohan

A heart felt thank you for a great fishing and learning experience. All of your skills got tested by a novice on a slow day.  You rose to the occasion and promised the fish would too, and they did. Thanks to your great advice and generous spirit, it was a day to remember, forever.

Best wishes to and the family.





It was a great day of "stupid fishing!"  As always, I enjoyed your company and continual guidance .  You've really contributed to my enjoyment of the great resource that the Salmon River represents, whether during the late summer/ fall for salmon, late fall and winter for steelhead and brown trout and steelhead again in the spring!
Today was reminiscent of our very first day with you at the "Montana Hole"  when you remarked, "Don't expect every trip up here to be like today."  While everyday has not been as good as that day was, today was certainly its equivalent for steelhead and Mike and I have enjoyed some pretty spectacular days in between too. 
Again, thank you for your incredible teaching skills, sense of humor and more recently, your friendship.  Please send pictures of you, me and Mike as I'd like to put a nice set of framed prints together for the "three amigos!"
Take care,



George-I just saw the photo of Mickey and his fish with me in the
background.  Man you're quick!  Just a short note of thanks for
spending so much time with me today, I truly appreciate it.  Even
though my feet still tingle I had a wonderful time and look forward to
going with you again.  You made a miserably cold day enjoyable.  I
learned from you and had fun.  Looking forward to doing it again in


Headmaster of GOSAF (George O'Brien school of fishing)-- I don't care what your friends at All-Seasons say, you are a fine man. (Just teasing)  And, you deserve a promotion!  Today was magical for me -- being with you was the starter, and it got better as time passed!  I learned more about the rhythm of the fish in the river, and I sampled another fishing technique under the guidance of the master. 

Looking forward to the future:  would you please let me know what Tuesdays and Wednesdays are already booked in mid to late September? 

Happy New Year and best wishes for the new year for you and your family.


PS -- you should also open a school for aspiring chefs.  I will try the vodka sauce soon and report back. 

 Solitude and Steelhead!!!


George, Hi!
                  Cathy and I had a great time; somewhat on the "brisk" side but you made it a great day putting us onto steelies when everyone else seemed to be catching browns-if anything!
I have already recommended you to two of our friends and our daughter and her husband.
We are already looking forward to seeing you in April! Thanks again.
p.s. The 'burgers were great!


We all had a GREAT time. You guys turned a tough,
"nothing" day into a fruitful fishing trip. I think
Pastor Sang is still taking it all in and "reflecting"
on the whole trip - learning to handle a rod and
cast (thanks to you) and experiencing sleeping in one
room with a bunch of snoring, snorting and farting

The Prime Rib dinner (at the 1880 House)was AMAZING! - Huge 1"+ cuts of
Rib done just right with double-stuffed potatoe and
baked acorn squash with brown sugar and butter - some
of our absolute favorites.
Chocolate Cake and Apple Pie (that we pitched in) was
the dessert. There were 20 people there enjoying this.
Next time, you'll need to join us and dinner's on us -
I'm serious.

Ken Metcalf

i George,
Thanks again for another great trip.  This might have been the best one yet.  We accomplished the main objective of getting my father into fish (for his birthday present).
Everyone got into fish, and they were some of the best battles I have seen.  That one that jumped 6 times and went down to the brdge was a great scrapper. 
The LFZ was a great call, especially for getting people into fish on their first trip.
Even the weather cooperated for a while at least.
The Prime Rib was outstanding.  Charlie and Wally talked about returning just for the Prime Rib.
I'll follow up with everyone on the weekend, and see how many are interested in returning on Dec. 7th.
Charlie is interested in returning with his son and grandson, so I'm sure you will be guiding him in the future.
Regards, Blair


Prof Geo -- Thank you for such a wonderful day on Thursday.  Even though the rain was pouring and the river gushing, we had a great time being with you and learning more about the river.  I will never forget gliding down the river in the dark -- it was magical.


Thanks again for all of your time and patience this weekend.  We could not have had a better time on the SR then you and the "fish gods" provided us over the past weekend!  Jake and I had a fabulous time and we can't wait until our paths cross with yours again.  The lessons we both learned about the fish and river will help us in future endeavors. You are definitely a class act and we will highly recommend you to anyone who will listen.
With that being said, Jake and I would like to come back and fish with you next year on Thurs Sept 21st and Friday Sept 22nd. Please let me know if those dates are still available since I want to call the 1800 house and discuss accommodations for the family.
 Thanks again,





One word sums it up - AWESOME!!!
We both had a great time. Thanks for helping create a real memory!!!
After we left you we went over to Fat Nancy's to pick up a souvenir for her brother, then across the street to C&M for lunch. Talk about your well-rounded Pulaski experience! We then headed up to the hatchery to check things out. She was almost asleep by the time we got there. After touring around for a bit, we got on our way. She slept the entire trip back to Albany, and I was drifting in and out, but thanks to keeping up on telephone correspondence via the cell, I was able to make it back. I slept well last night, but boy is my back aching today! Oh well, all for a great cause. Rachael took a copy of that photo you sent of the three of us (me, her, and the fish!) with her to school to day. She has thanked me repeatedly since yesterday afternoon for the great time. Now, we have to work on getting her to pee in the woods....


What a day!  Thanks for your hard work and patience in getting Elliot tutored in handling a fly rod/ reel.  I keep busting up every time I think about you coming down to quietly ask me, "Has Elliot ever f----g fished in his life?"  Too funny!  The pictures and captions on the site from today are awesome. 
On the way to the airport, Elliot was already talking about coming up again for salmon this fall; that's a testament to your instruction and the incredible number of fish in the river today. 
Thanks again and I hope to see you on the river soon (probably w/ Mike).
Sleep tight,

Prof. George -- wanted to thank you for the wonderful two days this past week.  As I told Emil and Greg, these were the best two days of fishing I have ever had.  I am blessed to have this opportunity to be in the outdoors with such a fine gentleman as you.  I am constantly learning from you about fishing and life.  Thanks for being such a great professor.  Mike from Ithaca.

BTW, I noticed your fishing successes on Thursday and Friday.  From the pictures it looks like you fished somewhere else than the.............!!!



Tara and I had a terrific time on the Salmon River with you on Friday.  The river, weather and your guiding were just fabulous.

Attached are three photos from our day on the river.  The first photo is of you guiding Tara on the subtleties of fighting and landing a King.  The second is of Tara holding her first salmon.  A strong and healthy King, fresh from the lake.  Lastly, not to be out done by Tara, is a photo of me holding my first solo Coho (caught Saturday morning right across from where you and I discussed).


I hope you have a great season and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.




Thanks for a tremendous day last Friday. It was the first time King Salmon fishing for me and I'm hooked! The weather was wonderful, the company superb and catching three fish that big made for one of the best days out of doors I've ever experienced. I appreciate you guidance and patience as I tried to un-learn habits from the past. When I did, "Fish On!"
I plan on booking a trip this Spring and again in September with my daughter who will by then be 12. Let me know when I need to start looking at calendars and thinking about dates. 
 You  make the learning fun.
Look forward to fishing with you  again real soon!
John Leibrick

John w/ a early Sept . King Salmon!

Thanks for the most incredible day of fishing I have ever had.  My son and
brother in law are convinced that you possess magical powers with the advice
you give and the way you put us right on fish!  I've read many posts, on
numerous board's, about people hooking so many fish that their arms got
tired and thought it was just an exaggeration.  But you had us on so many
fish, by the end of the day we were completely worn out!  I probably hooked
close to 30 fish, and landed about half of them.  My son and brother in law
each hooked close to 20, landing 7 or 8.  And neither of them had ever been
salmon fishing before.  My intent was to give them a good first experience,
but you have created 2 more angler's with a passion for salmon fishing.
Since we travel up from North Carolina, it's nice to know that, with you,
we'll have a successful trip.
See you again this year,
Steve Dann


I would like to thank you again for your professional services,
I never imagined our first trip to the Salmon River would be so productive
After fighting 11 of these magnificent fish and landing 4 of them my son and I are truly hooked for life.
We can't wait to return to fish with you in the fall !
Barry Pazian


Thank you for making our trip such a great adventure.
Speaking for all the guys, We appreciate what you did and will never forget
how you made this trip such a success.
It was by far our best trip ever to the Salmon River
If you need a reference for any of your clients please feel free to give them
my address/phone number, I will be happy to give you a glowing reference
Thanks Again
               Thomas Fischer


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