Steelhead fishing video!!!


                                 This could be you!     


        Dr. Charlie Keenen proudly holds a Spring  Rainbow!



           Mike Redlin w/ an awesome Spring Brown Trout!


                      Greg Norkus and Yours Truly!!!


 Jeff Hardy and 10yr.old Cassie with HER 1st ever Salmon!!


                     Mickey Parker with a Spring Steelhead !!

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                        Here I am cooking up Lunch for my guests!!

                                              For Sale



Trophy-Angler Guide Service is offering this fantastic 2-Steelhead showcase diorama for sale! Spring/Colored Male Steelhead weighs 20lbs.-Fall Silver Male Skamania weighs 25+lb.s This Showcase was created by Paul De Angelo and would make an excellent  presentation for the avid Steelheader! Please contact George O'Brien @315-298-6975 for more details!


Barry Pazian brought his son, Brett up to introduce him to our Winter Steelhead Fishery. Barry has not been up in a while and was really looking forward to this day on the Salmon River! A tad bit warmer this morning ,but no Sun...... The 'bite" was off today and we had to work hard for the hook-ups that we did get! Brett fought a number of fish,but he couldn't get them to the net! Barry, however landed the below 2 Steelies out of 3 that he fought! All Fish Released



               Barry Pazian  with the 1st of the morning to be landed!


                     Barry again showing a nice Steelhead hen!



Ridley Levere and Blair Cribb started their 2007 Steelhead season off in a big way! We were greeted by high water(1800cfs) and cold air temps(21 degrees)-somewhat of a change from last week's warm weather! Our morning was shall we say-dead!! Not a fish fought in sight! When the Sun finally peeked out around 11am,we started to hit a few fish (see below) ALL FISH RELEASED


                       Blair was the first to land a Steelie today!


       After having aburger,Ridley on his next cast was solid into this hen!


            It was the "Ridley" show for the balance of the afternoon!


                                     A nice 10lb. Buck!!


    This Hen had 5 wounds in her mouth=Catch & release DOES work!!!

Jon Becker and his buddy, John (JR) came up for their first shot at Winter Steelheading. The weather was more like fall(52 degrees) and heavy rain @daybreak! After getting the guy's tuned in to my style of fishing, they were into fish for a solid hour!  JR was the 1st to hook up and landed a nice silver Steelie-then Jon shouted out" fish on" and after a good 30 yard fight, his fish was landed. The next couple of fish were bigger and put up a stronger battle! By mid-morning, the weather took a nose-dive and the bite was off. Due to the large number of people fishing today, we had to pass up some prime Winter spots and in our last "hole" JR hit a good 10lb. male  and Jon lost one! All Fish  released


                               JR with the 1st of the morning!


             Jon was ALL smiles with his 1st Steelhead!! Congrats!!


                      Jon, his cigar and a nice male Steelhead!


                JR ended our day with this colored up 10 lb. male!


Mickey and his Dad, Mike Parker first came out w/me a year ago this week! Both guy's are now accomplished Steelheader's and have had some fabulous day's on the Salmon River this last year! Today would be remarkable in that the weather(50+ degrees and bright Sun) would match the fishing! After a slow start, Mickey was soon into a fairly fresh fish  and Mike would soon follow with his own Steelhead. For the 1st time this Steelhead season, We had a double and wound up netting both fish!! Yes, folks,it doesn't get much better!! All fish released


          Mickey (Ben) Parker with a colored -up male of about 9-10lbs.!



               Mike and Son, Mickey proudly display their double!!









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